About Us

  • B. J. Properties LTD
    BJ Properties LTD. Has been established with the mission to make sure hard working class people gets an deserving opportunity to purchase a flat at some point with much less of a price than the local market, ensuring supreme quality building materials and state of the art technology. The company already started to formulize upcoming projects to make the local people dream come true.
    A Prime Example of a successful project is BJ Tower, located near ECB Chattar in Kalshi road, one of the first and foremost apartment complex built for with the price/sft substantially lower than any of the projects around.
  • B. J. Automobile Solutions LTD
    In the era of 21st century where vehicles have been made with fuel economy and environment friendly parts, BJ Automobile Solutions LTD has been established itself as a leading after sales WORKSHOP service center for any kinds of vehicles. It features a state of the art facilities with sophisticated diagnosis, troubleshooting tools, working bay with elevation lift, tempered control paint booth, and highly trained technician trained from Japan to ensure your vehicles gets the proper maintenance it deserves. Along the way, B. J. Automobiles Solutions LTD. will furthermore work around your budget with high quality parts and service, even going as far as client’s doorstep to pick the vehicle until delivery.
  • B. J. Agro
    B.J Agro has been producing farm fresh organic food with varieties of fish, poultry, bacteria-free meat supply and fresh milk. With a huge area of farming land, the company has been supplying the entire fresh product with very reasonable price, thus building a sound and healthy society. We are ensuring formalin-free product guaranteed at clients doorstep via pre-order.
  • B. J. Car
    Established 24 years ago, the company has been a huge driving force behind a successful reconditioned car business in the country, by importing world class Japanese reconditioned vehicle straight from the auction. Ensuring reasonable price, superior vehicle quality, BJ Car has been dominating the industry through a fleet of hard working force with three sophisticated showroom and display center for retail service. Currently B. J. Car has opened a brand new showroom in Mirpur-Kalshi road, close to ECB Chattar with a capacity of well over 40 vehicles in display. BJ is also offering European fleet of vehicles via pre-order through its head office.
  • B. J. Café & Restaurant
    Alongside car showroom, the company has set up a open-end rooftop restaurant with a gorgeous view and offering a vast menu of Indian, Chinese, Thai, Bangla cuisine with low rate. The environment ensures a vast delicacy along with a family friendly atmosphere for all class of people.
    B. J. Restaurant has also recently launched a Banquet hall for wedding, birthday and corporate events and pre-booking is going on currently.
  • B. J. Auto Bricks
    Bricks are an essential part of building material, as the right size and quality ensures building safety. B. J. bricks has been established with 10 acres of land at a location called Kalkini right by Arial Kha river bank. The place is also certified by the environment ministry & officials producing high quality bricks using imported factory machines with proper size and value.
  • B. J. Cosmetics LTD.
    B. J. Cosmetics is a running venture in the cosmetics industry where the market has been dominated below quality cosmetics & beauty products. Keeping in mind the daily needs of our client, B.J Cosmetics is soon launching a production house factoring imported machineries straight from Japan using vastly assessed skin friendly formula certified by Japanese Dermatologist. The company has sincerely factored in the price, ranging from low to high end with the needs of our client, still not compromising the product quality.
  • B. J. International LTD
    B. J. International LTD. Is a export oriented company supplying vehicles to many countries including Bangladesh, Russia. It has been situated in Japan, with a office of many stuff working tirelessly to ensure proper purchase of reconditioned auction vehicle using live video wall, or visiting auction lot in person.